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Saturday, August 29th 2009

Canon 7D – Now We're Talking

It seems like the Canon EOS 7D is pretty close to matching every item on my next camera wishlist.

  • 100% Viewfinder coverage – yes.
  • Dust reduction – I should hope so!
  • Front/back focus correction – well, the 50D had this already.
  • High resolution screen – yes.
  • Well-developed live view – hmm, we’ll have to see about that one.
  • HDMI out – of course it has this.
  • 7 or 9 shot bracketing – one of few questionmarks.
  • Auto ISO – this is a given nowadays.
  • RAW in Auto mode – the 50 D has this so …
  • sRAW at around 10-12 MP – probably?
  • Automatic correction of vignetting and chromatic aberration – we don’t know yet.
  • Built in wireless flash control – yes, according to the rumour.

Sadly (but not surprisingly) it will be quite expensive. Even if it is less than SEK 20 000 or $2000 it will still take me a while to save up my pocket money …