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Wednesday, September 8th 2010

Photoshoot with Linnéa

A few weeks ago I launched my new website for my photography business. I’ve had the business since last December, I just haven’t got round to actually making the website until now.

Anyway, while making the site I realized I could do with a few more portraits to show. So I asked for volunteers among my friends on Facebook, and got loads of replies. And the first to get pointed at with my camera was Linnéa. We went out to Linné’s Hammarby just outside Uppsala. As it turns out, it cost 60 kronor to get in, so we decided to scout for good environments nearby.

We started off in an enclosure with horses, but the horses turned out to be just a little too interested in what we were doing. They seemed to think the best place to stand was right in-between me and Linnéa, so we soon moved on.

After a little improvisation, here are a few of the shots we ended up with:


I have still to actually put them on the business website, but I might wait until I’ve done a few more shoots.