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Thursday, January 20th 2011

Wish list for Lightroom 4

Lightroom 3 Lightroom 4 (mockup) icon was released in June 2010, so Lightroom 4 is probably quite a way off still. Even so, it is always fun to speculate, discuss and guess about upcoming software. So here are a few features and fixes that would be very useful – should anyone at Adobe be listening reading.

  • Local white balance adjustment using the adjustment brush. Would be great to have for mixed lighting situations.
  • Larger white balance picker that can sample a small area of pixels for a more accurate average in noisy images.
  • Sharpening in the slide show module. As it is now I need to export all the photos first if I want sharpening for sreen.
  • A real clone brush that isn’t limited to spots.
  • RGB curves for full control over colour balance and unlimited creativity.
  • Fix the cropping tool! It is currently very hard to make fine adjustments with the crop tool since both the border and the image moves. Keep the image still and make the border a 1 px dashed line, please!
  • Fixed auto sync behaviour. If I select a number of photos in the film strip, activate auto sync and hit + + + + to increase the exposure by 0,4 stops I want the exposure for each photo to be increased relative to whatever it was before, not relative to 0.

Those features/fixes are all relatively doable. But if I allow myself to get a bit more dreamy, here’s what I’d like …

  • HDR merging/tonemapping. I have no idea how this would be implemented, but I’m sure the Adobe boffins could work it out!
  • Panorama stitching. Again, no idea how. I just know I’d love it if I didn’t have to go to an external app for this.

Ps. I am guessing that the Lightroom 4 icon will be a white one, something like my quick mockup above. ^^