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Friday, September 12th 2008


Var ute i Kronskogen i går i jakt på svampar. Hittade inte så jättemånga fina men några iaf:

18787 - Old look

18804 - Old look

18798 - Old look

Friday, August 29th 2008


Ända sedan bröllopsdagen har jag tänkt att jag borde fota av alla bröllopspresenterna och visa för omvärlden vad vi fick. Och nu i veckan blev det av.

Vi fick helt sanslöst mycket fina saker. Här är bara en del:

18678 - 2008-08-27 kl 18.39

Hardanger-bestick, Carina heter de har jag för mig. Tillsammans med tidigare förlovningspresent har vi nu en komplett uppsättning. 🙂

18682 - 2008-08-27 kl 18.50

Tolv vackra vattenglas från Iittala.

Och så en hel del keramik från Höganäs:

18686 - 2008-08-27 kl 18.56

Skålar …

18694 - 2008-08-28 kl 16.03

… ugnsformar …

18725 - 2008-08-28 kl 17.13

… en fruktskål …

18728 - 2008-08-28 kl 17.21

… och fem muggar.

Tre vackra gröna uppläggningsfat snedstreck skålar.

18691 - 2008-08-28 kl 15.52

En gryta.

18675 - 2008-08-27 kl 18.35

En tavla på temat kärlek.

18692 - 2008-08-28 kl 15.55

En handmålad prydnadstallrik, målad av Jennys farfars sambo Bonnie. (Den föreställer deras hus.)

Tre coola prydnadsklot.

18697 - 2008-08-28 kl 16.13

En vacker glasskål.

18723 - 2008-08-28 kl 17.07

En till vacker glasskål. (Man kan ju inte ha för många!)

18701 - 2008-08-28 kl 16.22

Sex skottska champagneglas.

18705 - 2008-08-28 kl 16.30

En tavla på temat trollsländor. 🙂

18710 - 2008-08-28 kl 16.37

Tolv fina vinglas.

18712 - 2008-08-28 kl 16.42

18713 - 2008-08-28 kl 16.44

En svensk, en engelsk och en amerikansk kokbok. (Den amerikanska finns inte ännu på bild.)

18714 - 2008-08-28 kl 16.47

Fler ugnsformar. (Kan man väl inte heller ha för många?)

18717 - 2008-08-28 kl 16.51

Bilder på Jenny som tandfé och sumobrottare.

18719 - 2008-08-28 kl 16.53

En cool vit fruktskål med hål.

18730 - 2008-08-28 kl 17.31

En flaska champagne.

Som om inte allt detta vore nog fick vi en hel massa pengar, två soffor (som vi hoppas få i veckan som kommer), en väggklocka, en tekanna, en brödrost, ett våffeljärn, två badlakan, en resväska, en matberedare, två ljushållare (en lite mindre och en lite (?) större1), en vattenkokare och ett vildmarkskit.

För pengarna har vi bland annat beställt en tv, levt loppan på Gotland och köpt en DVD-brännare.

Tack alla fantastiskt generösa människor som över en dag gjort vårt hem så fint!

1) Den stora ljushållaren fyllde ut det jättestora platta paketet som alla undrade vad det var.

Wednesday, August 27th 2008

Krönika nummer två

Min andra krönika på ligger ute nu. Finns att läsa här för den som vill.

(Den första finns här.)

Tuesday, April 15th 2008

Shooting Flames

I bought the latest issue of Digital Camera (or to be more precise: the Swedish translation DigitalFoto) and found an article on simple macro shots you can take at home.

I saw a photo of a match being lit and decided to have a go at cloning the shot.

It was difficult getting the exposure right. To begin with I was over-exposing wildly and I had to go as far down as 1/1000th at f/8, ISO 200 before I got it right. I had no idea that a match was so bright — that’s brighter than a clear blue sky or at least roughly the same.

After having set fire to almost a whole box of matches I ended up with 19 shots which were keep-worthy. The following two were the coolest hottest:

The weird flame in the second shot is from the match I used to light the upright match, as I was pulling it back.

I took the shots against a black background but that really hadn’t been necessary. The matches were so bright that any indoor background would have looked black.

For the record I used my EF 70-300mm lens with close-up lens 500D screwed on.

The next project on my list is to have a go at weird fruits and vegetables.

Tuesday, April 15th 2008


On the Sunday evening I went out to shoot the old trains I had found one week ago. There was plenty of — er — old stuff to be found.

I tried developing this close-up of a buffer both as a colour shot and as black and white. I preferred the black and white version because I think it gives you that heavy clonky metal feel.

Old electric engine

This old engine was stripped of all the machinery and completely vandalized. It was packed with that eerie feeling of old abandoned places.

Old rusty goods wagon with machine.

Black and white. Machine on goods wagon.

Not sure what kind of machine that was on the goods wagon. It could have been the engine of the engine, but it really didn’t look like an engine to me.

Open door, old electric engine.

The drivers cabin of the engine was ripped to pieces. All windows were smashed and the seats and instruments were broken.

Old gauge of electric engine.

This gauge was broken off and lying on the dashboard.

Feet heaters, electric engine.

The engines must have been badly isolated. The drivers apparently had electric heaters for their feet.

More gauges.

Since most of the subjects were shaded and the light was getting low I underexposed all the shots by one to two stops to avoid the washed out look you otherwise can get in shade.

These were only a few of all the shots from the train yard. The rest are in a set at my flickr account.

Wednesday, April 9th 2008

Crazy Weather

The weather has been really wacky the last couple of days in Eskilstuna. Today I switched back to my winter jacket and boots, and put on gloves and a hat for work. I’m glad I did too, since the wind speed gave a chill effect of what felt like -20° C. What happened to the record breakingly early spring? No one knows.

Shot from my balcony, Eskilstuna.

Saturday, April 5th 2008

Saturday Photo Excursion

I was bored this morning and felt like some photography, but I just couldn’t think of anything to shoot, especially since it was around 10 and the light was very bright and sharp.

So I decided to do some location scouting instead. I packed my camera bag and went for a slow bike ride, more or less randomly around Eskilstuna. Tried to go where I had never gone before.

First I came across Eskilstuna Art Museum. Although I had read about it at work I hadn’t really understood where it was.

At the entrance there was this cool piece of art1:

Glass monument outside Eskilstuna Art Museum

Glass monument outside Eskilstuna Art Museum

It is made out of sheets of glass stacked on top of each other, and I’m guessing that the naked girl visible in the block is cut out of all the sheets.

Glass monument outside Eskilstuna Art Museum

Glass monument outside Eskilstuna Art Museum

Later on I found a train yard with loads of old rusty engines and wagons. But I didn’t bother taking any pics in the harsh light. Instead I’ll go back some evening.

Then I found this fellar (?) fluttering about. He was unusually patient when he finally settled down though.

Small Tortoiseshell, Nymphalis urticae

Well, it wasn’t that much, but at least I got some fresh air… 🙂

1) I don’t take to art very easily so this should be considered quite the compliment.

Wednesday, March 26th 2008

New Shoes

I thought I’d do something I’ve never done before: I thought I’d blog my new shoes. Just for fun. 🙂

So without further ado, here they are:

New wedding shoes

So… what should you write when you blog an item of clothing, or footwear? I guess I should write where I got them… make, model, price perhaps?

Shop: Din Sko in Eskilstuna. Make: Ecco. Model: I haven’t got a clue. Price: 995 SEK.

New wedding shoes

That makes them the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever bought. But then I’m planning to use them for my wedding, and perhaps one or two other weddings. So you’ll have to try and mentally replace those brown jeans with fancy black trousers.

They’re very comfortable and I’m walking around with them indoors to soften them up a bit.

Oh, and by the way: Today I found a fairly decent amount of fuzz in my belly button, from my new t-shirt.

Saturday, June 2nd 2007

New toy: Sigma 10-20mm or Wide angle is fun

I’ve sort-of been wanting a really wide angle lens for a while. You can do so many cool things with them, and they’re actually quite useful as well. For instance, you can easily make really goofy portraits:

Wide angle portrait Sigma 10-20mm

The widest lens I’ve had before was 17 mm, so going down to 10 mm makes quite a difference. Especially in tight spaces and for landscapes. So, having had what felt like my first ever real pay check a few days ago, I ordered a Sigma 10-20mm 1:4-5.6 (and a UV filter to go in front of it). It arrived yesterday. Included was a great carrying pouch and a lens hood.

Contents Sigma 10-20mm 1:4-5.6 DC HSM lens hood carrying bag pouch

[@Tommy: Den finns med Nikonfattning också.]

After work and dinner I went out and played with it for four hours 🙂 in town.

First I headed for the historic parts of the town. Basically a large collection of 17th century smithies, now functioning as a tourist attraction with restaurants, etc.

Rademachersmedjorna Eskilstuna Sigma 10-20mm

Rademachersmedjorna Eskilstuna Sigma 10-20mm Tullgatan Rademachergatan

Rademachersmedjorna Eskilstuna Sigma 10-20mm Rademachergatan

This bell tower worked quite well from below I thought. Sadly you can’t actually make out the bell here:

Rademachersmedjorna Eskilstuna klocktorn bell tower Sigma 10-20mm

Close to the old smithies I found what looked like a half deserted factory building.

deserted factory övergiven fabrik Eskilstuna

rusty pipes plumbing rostiga rör


blue grafitti orange wall

Just as I was going to leave, I saw this bracelet haning on a hinge on the fence:

lonely heart bracelet hanging

The last three photos were taken with my old 75-300mm lens.

Then I headed back home, but got stuck at the church which looked pretty good against the blue sky.

Klosters kyrka church Eskilstuna

There were plenty of cool cars rolling around, so I had a go at improving my panning skills. Not sure what the first one is though… some kind of Chevy perhaps?

panning shot photo car

panning shot photo car rover mini

By now it was so dark I decided to go back into town to have a shot at some lit-up fountains that I pass every day going to work.

Going there, the view of the river was pleasing to the eye. I was lucky enough to get a horde of jackdaws in the shot.

wide angle shot Eskilstuna river jackdaws Sigma 10-20mm

Canon 75-300mm IS fountains lights lit up Eskilstuna fontän fontäner

Sigma 10-20mm fountains lights lit up Eskilstuna fontän fontäner

Sigma 10-20mm fountains lights lit up Eskilstuna fontän fontäner

Sigma 10-20mm fountains lights lit up Eskilstuna fontän fontäner

And a last shot of the church from across the river before I went home. This time I actually did go home.

Sigma 10-20mm Klosters kyrka church Eskilstuna across river Eskilstunaån

I’m getting close to 10,000 photos now. My camera has made 9949 exposures, and out of those I’ve kept 3604, or 36%. Sadly I haven’t printed very many, but I’m planning on making a few enlargements soon to put up on my bare walls.

Tuesday, May 8th 2007

Summer Job: Web Editor at Eskilstuna-Kuriren

So, I’ve got a summer job at Eskilstuna-Kuriren as their web editor. It’s just perfect really. The only thing that could be improved would be the location. If I had the same job in Uppsala, I would be seriously happy. Jenny would be even happier.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the whole news desk is using Firefox on the macs they have there. Saves me the trouble of installing Portable Firefox on the desktop, like I had to do at UNT where I did work experience in December. When I think about it though, I’m not sure Portable Firefox works on macs.

I’ve gotten into the job quicker than I thought. The plan is for me to work along side Jörgen until June, when I’ll be replacing him for the summer. But yesterday they told me I’ll be on my own as early as Wednesday. 😐 So I’m a bit nervous about that…

Anyway, it’s a great place. Everyone is very friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed. Today I handed in my application for a full time job at the web desk. In August they are expanding from one to six full time web reporters. Quite an expansion. Hopefully, me and a few of my class mates from Sundsvall will be part of that expansion.