Friday, April 9th 2010

Panoramas of Eskilstuna

Well, the title is perhaps a little misleading. Panoramas in or from Eskilstuna might be more correct.

I was inspired a few days ago by a blog post I saw somewhere … I can’t find it now though. Someone who had shot a panorama of Gamla Staden in Eskilstuna. So I decided to try the same thing.

Today was rainy, but then suddenly the clouds broke. Just before sundown, so the timing was perfect. I dropped everything and grabbed my camera bag.

Here’s what I came home with … Nothing spectacular really, but I had fun all the same. Click for larger 1800px versions.

Panorama of Norr, Eskilstuna and Eskilstunaån.


Panorama of Gamla staden, Eskilstuna and Eskilstunaån.

Gamla Staden.

Panorama of Klosters kyrka and Stadsparken, Eskilstuna and Eskilstunaån.

Klosters kyrka.

Panorama of Strömsholmen, Eskilstuna and Eskilstunaån.


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