Monday, November 9th 2009

Firefox 5 years today

Today, the 9th November, is Firefox’s 5th birthday. Firefox 1.0 was released the 9th November 2004.

Firefox 5 years birthday cake.

Photo by Christopher Blizzard.

I didn’t start blogging until December 2004 so I have no historical blog post to link to.

Back in 2004 I’d already been using Firefox since version 0.6, released in May 2003. And I’d been a fan of the Mozilla Suite for roughly 2 ½ years. (Mozilla 1.0 was released 5th June 2002.) And before that I was happily using Netscape 6 since its release in November 2000.

In 2005 I wrote a long version of how I became such a huge Firefox fan. Towards the end, thinking about the future, I wrote:

Imagine being a web developer in 2009, with almost 93% of the browser market being CSS3 compliant.

Hah, that’s a laugh. It turns out things don’t move quite that fast. Still, we’re basically rid of the IE6 plague and IE7 is heading in the same direction – down.

Here’s to another 5 years of Firefox gaining market share! In 2014 it should have at least 50 percent. IE will be a minority player.

Tonight I’m meeting Mozilla Sweden, i.e. David Tenser and Patrick Finch at the Bishop’s Arms for a … beer? Naw, a coke maybe. 🙂

Edit: Mozilla’s Asa Dotzler has a good blog post up.

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