Wednesday, August 19th 2009

Summer photos from Jämtland

I’m finally back from a long and great summer holiday. I’ve had close to seven weeks off work. One week was spent in Jämtland with Jenny’s mum, visiting the places she grew up.

Jämtland turned out to be quite a pretty place. We did a few hikes, two of which took us to the tops of some mountains. (1100-1200 meters high, so nothing very extreme.)

Here are some of the photos from our Jämtland visit:

23971 - 2009-07-27 kl 14.47

24004-24006 - HDR

Sunne kyrkoruin.(Triple exposure, handheld HDR.)

24115 - 2009-07-28 kl 13.07

View of lake Storsjön from mountain Drommen.

24372-24374 - HDR

Pool of water near the top of Österfjället. It looks smaller than it really is. Can you spot my brother-in-law? (Triple exposure HDR, using my Gorillapod.)

24359-24361 - HDR

1200 meters above sea level. Apparently you’re supposed to bring a rock from the bottom of the mountain to put on top of this stone … thing. (Used my Gorillapod for this one too.)

24154 - 2009-07-28 kl 13.49

No shortage of trees in Jämtland. I took this photo as part of the panorama below:

24154-24160 - Panorama

24189 - 2009-07-28 kl 15.02

While the tops of the mountains were very bare, they could be quite green and lush further down.

24306 - 2009-07-29 kl 17.44

We went fishing one day and caught a small brown trout in this small forest lake.

24381-24383 - HDR

This was also on Österfjället … these photos seem to have ended up a bit jumbled.

24615-24620 - Panorama

This was … somewhere. No idea. Five vertical shots stitched together using Autostitch.

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  1. Fanny says:

    Sv: Tack så jättemycket! Grymt fina landskapsbilder, verkligen 🙂

  2. E C Dun says:

    Beautiful pictures!!