Wednesday, June 10th 2009

Bokeh Panorama Attempt

I read here about an interesting technique which I hereby rename as the Bokeh Panorama Technique.

It entails shooting several photos at a longer focal length and stitching them together to give the effect of a shorter focal length with very large aperture.

Here’s my first, rather useless attempt. (Don’t look to closely.) I just went out into the garden to shoot this, couldn’t be bothered to find anything more interesting.

23461-23481 - bokeh-pano

Here’s one of the better shots I’ve seen made this way. Here’s another one.

To stitch the photos together I use Autostitch which is about as good as it gets, for free or for money.

Since you’re not really doing this for the resolution, it’s a good idea to choose a smaller JPEG size in your camera. That way you save quite a bit of time in the stitching and get a more manageable file size at the end.

Also, you’ll want to do this in manual mode and with manual focus for consistency between the shots.

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