Friday, May 29th 2009

Ordered Some Panoramas

Today Jenny and I finally got round to sending some panoramas off for printing from Crimson. We already bought a panorama frame from IKEA (88 x 30 cm, or roughly 35″ x 12″), but haven’t had anything to put in it so far.

Screenshot of poster service options.

Since the printing place doesn’t do 88 x 30 cm, we stuck two panoramas in one image and had it printed at 100 x 70 cm. Plus a small one along the edge as a bonus. Obviously we’ll have to cut them out ourselves.

We’re thinking of sticking one of the large ones above our chest the drawers in our bedroom. Which one remains to be agreed on, with me voting for Paris and Jenny voting for Visby. We’ll probably end up getting a second frame and putting it above the bed …

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