Friday, March 20th 2009

Microsoft (Isn’t) Lying About IE8 CSS 2.1 Compliance

Microsoft boldly claims

We believe that IE8 has the first complete implementation of CSS 2.1 in the industry and it is fully compliant with the current CSS 2.1 test suite.

Jason Upton

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t the following CSS 2.1 tests look very much like fails in IE8 (and Firefox btw):

CSS 2.1 test suite test

CSS 2.1 test suite test

CSS 2.1 test suite test

CSS 2.1 test suite test

As I said, if I have misunderstood something, like for instance if the above tests aren’t considered part of the CSS 2.1 test suite, or if they for some reason should be ignored, do correct me. But if not, it seems like Microsoft are somewhat exaggerating IE8’s capabilities in the CSS 2.1 area.

Edit: Removed a few of the tests which turned out to be fails because I had ClearType activated.

Edit 2: Arron Eicholz of Microsoft has explained to me that the above fails are due to faulty tests. That would explain why Firefox also fails them.

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  1. James Hopkins says:

    Unfortunately, they are telling porkies.It’s impossible to be fully Level 2.1 compliant at this stage in time; the 2.1 revision is still a CR. Furthermore, to exit this stage, we must first have an approved official test suite, which we don’t currently have.Plus even if we did already have an approved test suite, and Level 2.1 became a Recommendation, IE8 still wouldn’t support the current specification. At my last count, there were 39 CSS bugs listed in my collection(, and I’m discovering more every day – thanks in part to people writing in and informing me of oddities they find.