Sunday, February 15th 2009

Ordering a Few Camera Toys

I got some money for my birthday and I had a few ideas for things to get for my camera so I’ve been doing a bit of gadget-shopping. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

Photographic Solutions Sensor Swab type 2

Photographic Solution’s Sensor Swabs. I thought I would have a go at really getting the sensor clean. My hand blower can only do so much. Got a bottle of Eclipse cleaning solution too. From Ebay, for $50 including shipping to Sweden. That’s about half of what the Swedish on-line camera shops charge for the same thing.

Phottix Cleon C8

The Phottix Cleon C8. A wireless shutter release which lets you be in your own photos AND decide when the photo is to be taken. Found it (new) on Ebay for $31, including shipping. Should be some fun to play with. 🙂

The receiver fits into the flash hot shoe and is connected to the camera. It uses radio so it will go round corners and through walls to a certain extent.

Seagull Right Angle Finder 1x-2x

The Seagull Right Angle Finder 1x-2x. It can be very difficult to see through the viewfinder when you are shooting really close to the ground. This should make it a lot easier. Also, the 2x magnification will hopefully make it easier to focus more exactly. $43 on Ebay with shipping.

I’m also planning on getting one of these, a Seculine Action Level:

Seculine Action Level

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether you’re holding your camera straight, especially when shooting in the dark. This little gadget fits into the camera hot shoe and has five LEDs which light up depending on how you tilt the camera. When level, the green LED in the middle lights up. It also works for vertical shots, both left and right.

I’ll be getting this from Amazon UK for about £25 with a gift token I got for Christmas. I’m just waiting for Jenny to decide on what she’s ordering so we can get our things at the same time.

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