Tuesday, February 24th 2009

New Toy: Phottix Cleon C8

As I wrote a week ago I’ve bought a few camera gadgets with some birthday money I got. Now I have received all three that I’ve ordered so far. (I’ve already written about the cleaning kit I got.)

21181 - 2009-02-24 kl 15.41

The Phottix Cleon C8 is a wireless shutter release compatible with many of Canon’s digital SLRs. Mine arrived today so obviously I had to try it out.

All the necessary batteries were supplied so it was just a matter of putting them in place.

The button on the remote has a half pressed and a fully pressed state which work just as the shutter release on the camera. Halfway down for focusing, all the way down for taking the shot.

It seems to work fine for the most part, but in high speed drive mode it always takes at least three frames. No matter how quickly I press the remote it will click through three shots.

This is a fun thing to have and allows you to do some weird stuff that isn’t possible with a normal wired remote.

Jumping cat

Jumping cat

I’ll write something about the Seagull Right Angle Finder when I receive the adapters for it (which weren’t included when I first got it). As it is now it won’t fit my 30D.

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