Thursday, January 1st 2009

Kvarnfallet, again

It’s beginning to feel like I’m repeating myself … Couldn’t resist to take a few more pictures of Kvarnfallet last time I went shooting in Uppsala.

Kvarnfallet, Uppsala

I used my Gorillapod to fasten my camera to the iron fence that runs along the river, keeping the shoulder strap around my neck as extra security. Didn’t feel like loosing the camera to the ice-cold water below.

I probably looked weird to the people passing by … but hey, that’s photography.

Upplandsmuseet vid Kvarnfallet, Uppsala

For this last shot (which really was the first) I used the grey (ND) filter I was given for Christmas. Very useful for this kind of stuff to get nice long exposures.

Kvarnfallet och Upplandsmuseet, Uppsala

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