Friday, October 31st 2008

Too Many Pixels, Canon just posted their full review of the Canon EOS 50D. The interesting part is when they look at the noise performance.

Canon EOS 50D

According to the review, Canon have claimed that the 50D will perform better than the 40D even though it has 50 percent more pixels. If you scroll down the test page you can clearly see that this is not the case at all.

Also, the pixel density of a 15 MP APS-C sized sensor is more than even the best lenses can cope with.

So what you get is this: Unnecessarily large files with more noise (which in turn increases the file size even more).

Canon, please understand that SLR buyers aren’t as gullible as compact buyers when it comes to megapixels. That said, the 50D has many other nice features: A huge, high-res screen, HDMI output, front/back focus adjustment per lens, to name a few.

All those are features I want on my next camera. Just not the oversized, noisy images.

So. Dear Canon. Please release an update to the 30/40/50D series with the nice gadgets of the 50D, but with a more reasonable sensor resolution. 10 MP is about right I’d say.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I totaly agree! When I buy a new camera, I expect better and cleaner (no noise) images instead of more noise and bigger files. Stop the megapixel CRAZYNESS!!!! Maybe Canon should also release beside the 18 megapixel EOS 7D, an EOS 7D with a 12 megapixel sensor, then I wonder wich one will sell better……the 12 megapixel 7D will probably be even faster then a 1D MKIII………