Thursday, August 28th 2008

Quick Review of IE8 beta 2

IE8 about dialog

I just downloaded IE8 beta 2 and gave it a quick spin. Here are my first impressions, starting with the good:

Then a few good things where IE8 has caught up with the competition:

The bad is that my main reasons to avoid Internet Explorer are still there:

It remains to be seen if they can improve the tab-opening performance enough for the final release. I’m guessing they won’t. (Enough in this case would be as fast as Firefox 3, which on my 3200+ AMD opens tabs instantly.)

2 Responses to this post:

  1. Anonymous says:

    F4 has been your “CTRL+L” like forever.

  2. Tony Chor says:

    Hey, David, thanks for the comments. A few things:* RE: new tab perf — this is pretty dependent on what extensions you have running. If you look in Manage Add-ons, you can see what’s running and (new in beta 2) how long each took to load. That said, we can always get faster here too and will keep working on it.* RE: UI rearrangement — We added a lot more customization options for IE8 beta2; still more would always be nice, but it’s a step.* RE: shortcut keys. Ctrl-L has always opened that dialog in IE. Alt-D puts focus in the address bar (it does in Firefox too). We’ve left these command keys as-is so we don’t confuse users.Tony ChorGroup Program ManagerInternet Explorer