Thursday, April 17th 2008

What can I make out of these?

Red chili pepper and lime

Yesterday I was in a shooting mood and bought some interesting vegetables and fruit to shoot when I was at Hemköp.

I set up a provisional studio on one of my chairs. I just used a large sheet of white paper that I happened to find in a photo frame. For lighting I used my desk light and a second smaller light.

Red onion

I hunted down the correct exposure to make the paper only just overexpose in the brightest corner, and then shot in manual mode.


I used my Sigma 17-70mm, Canon 50mm and Canon 70-300mm lenses. I liked the results best from the 50mm, so I ended up sticking with that lens most of the time. (Except for the real close-ups where I used the 70-300mm + a close-up lens.) And most of the time I had the 50mm set at f/2.8 which seems to be this lenses sweet spot.

Green and yellow peppers

If you want to see more of the shots I’ve put my favourites in a set at Flickr.

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