Tuesday, April 15th 2008


On the Sunday evening I went out to shoot the old trains I had found one week ago. There was plenty of — er — old stuff to be found.

I tried developing this close-up of a buffer both as a colour shot and as black and white. I preferred the black and white version because I think it gives you that heavy clonky metal feel.

Old electric engine

This old engine was stripped of all the machinery and completely vandalized. It was packed with that eerie feeling of old abandoned places.

Old rusty goods wagon with machine.

Black and white. Machine on goods wagon.

Not sure what kind of machine that was on the goods wagon. It could have been the engine of the engine, but it really didn’t look like an engine to me.

Open door, old electric engine.

The drivers cabin of the engine was ripped to pieces. All windows were smashed and the seats and instruments were broken.

Old gauge of electric engine.

This gauge was broken off and lying on the dashboard.

Feet heaters, electric engine.

The engines must have been badly isolated. The drivers apparently had electric heaters for their feet.

More gauges.

Since most of the subjects were shaded and the light was getting low I underexposed all the shots by one to two stops to avoid the washed out look you otherwise can get in shade.

These were only a few of all the shots from the train yard. The rest are in a set at my flickr account.

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