Tuesday, April 15th 2008

Shooting Flames

I bought the latest issue of Digital Camera (or to be more precise: the Swedish translation DigitalFoto) and found an article on simple macro shots you can take at home.

I saw a photo of a match being lit and decided to have a go at cloning the shot.

It was difficult getting the exposure right. To begin with I was over-exposing wildly and I had to go as far down as 1/1000th at f/8, ISO 200 before I got it right. I had no idea that a match was so bright — that’s brighter than a clear blue sky or at least roughly the same.

After having set fire to almost a whole box of matches I ended up with 19 shots which were keep-worthy. The following two were the coolest hottest:

The weird flame in the second shot is from the match I used to light the upright match, as I was pulling it back.

I took the shots against a black background but that really hadn’t been necessary. The matches were so bright that any indoor background would have looked black.

For the record I used my EF 70-300mm lens with close-up lens 500D screwed on.

The next project on my list is to have a go at weird fruits and vegetables.

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