Saturday, April 26th 2008

Nine millimetres is less than you think

Went to the hairdressers yesterday. She is always very careful when cutting and usually ends up cutting less off than I really want. So yesterday I had prepared to ask her for the cutting machine.

We agreed on using a nine millimetre comb on top and six millimetres around the sides. She started by trimming down the sides. But then she sort-of chickened out and started cutting the top of my head with scissors. I looked like a mushroom.

After watching her with the scissors for a while I asked why she didn’t just go ahead and shave it all off as we had agreed. I guess she knew how short nine millimetres actually is and didn’t want to do something I would regret. But I said that I knew it was really short and said she should just do it.

So … it turns out, nine millimetres is pretty short! But I don’t regret anything. Just takes a bit of getting used to.

Photo of my new haircut

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