Friday, April 11th 2008

Nice start, Ameibo

Screenshot of Ameibo

I was just checking out Ameibo which was launched only yesterday. If I’ve understood correctly it is a legal, torrent based file sharing service which charges for downloads and pays users for uploads.

I haven’t actually tried downloading anything yet. Since downloads cost money I’ll only download stuff I really want. But everything was looking really promising and I got the feeling of Wow, finally someone has worked it out!. How to provide legal downloads of films for a reasonable price.

But then I got a welcome email, and I quote: (translated from Swedish)

To make best use of the service we recommend that you use Internet Explorer 6.0 and Windows Media Player 11 or higher.

Emphasis mine there. Well as you understand, that’s a bit of a turn-off for a Firefox guy geek like me. At least there’s the higher which refers to IE7 I guess. That’s better than asking for IE6 only, which would be plain crazy.

Don’t they understand that their audience, people using (or willing to use) bittorrent, are much more biased towards using Firefox than the average internet crowd?

Then there’s the fact that most of the films are DRM’ed, and therefore can’t be burned and played on a DVD. But perhaps the film industry will one day understand (like the music industry now finally has done) that DRM is only a nuisance for the legal downloaders and no one else.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Check out, they had the original idea and concept, all downloads are also drm-free and burnable to dvd.