Tuesday, November 20th 2007

Firefox 3 beta 1 out now!

It’s here!

So what’s the big deal about Firefox 3? Well, many people who try new versions of Firefox (both version 3 and previous releases) complain that there aren’t any major new features. But that’s the thing with Firefox: It is constantly being refined and tweaked to improve your web browsing in subtle but great ways.

Here are some examples: (Copied from the official what’s new list.)

Firefox 3, alltogether, will be a huge improvement over Firefox 2. In my eyes there are two killer features:

Once Firefox 3 has replaced most of the Firefox 2 installs (which should be sometime in april, thanks to Firefox’s sleek update feature) web designers can seriously start playing around with semi-transparent colours. Also, soft hyphens will work in all the major browsers. (Although it is rather embarrassing that Firefox is the last browser to implement ­.)

Places is a very nice semi-revolutionary change in Firefox 3. If you want to, you can keep using bookmarks in the same old way you always used them. But if you have lots of bookmarks, chances are you will have a go at using the new tagging feature and use the location bar for searching your bookmarks and history.

Right now though, Places doesn’t seem to work very well. The searching is slow, and sometimes doesn’t find bookmarks that I just added a couple of minutes ago. This could be because I use a nightly build of Firefox which is newer than beta 1. (Can someone tell me if this works in beta 1?)

Anyway, give it a try!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    can you make doodle plastik work for it because it is the best theme ever and i hate using firefox or thunderbid w/o it

  2. David Naylor says:

    Sorry, probably not. I’ve grew tired of maintaining it a long time ago.

  3. ogirtd says:

    I might continue to maintaining Doodle Plastik for Firefox 3, if I’ll find time for it, and if David will help me (graphics, as always).So David – the ball is on your court 🙂

  4. David Naylor says:

    Sorry ogirtd, I don’t think I can find the motivation or energy to keep it up any longer. If you can find someone on the mozillazine forums (for instance) who would be willing to help with making new graphics I could help them with templates and originals.

  5. ogirtd says:

    Just wondering: will you use it if I’ll release it for Firefox 3?

  6. David Naylor says:

    Heh, that’s a tricky one. But probably not, I grew tired looking at it sometime around Firefox 1.5 I think. 🙂