Tuesday, May 22nd 2007

Redesigning Rarewares.org: Part Deux

The Rarewares redesign is almost done now.

Roberto was hoping to push the new site yesterday, but then he realized he (or Michael) hadn’t transferred the contents of the Debian pages yet.

He settled on my turquoise and orange colour scheme, so this is what the site will look like:

Screenshot of new Rarewares site

A little different, but quite easy on the eye I think. And, I guess, different is good. Obviously, both Roberto and I think less is more and more is less.

If you’re using Firefox or Opera, you can see the nominated colour schemes I made by clicking [View] > [Page style]. (Or something like that… I’ve got the Swedish version installed here.)

Edit: The roll-out menus still behave rather weird in Internet Explorer 6, but I guess that’ll give everyone a good reason to upgrade to something a bit newer or better. I was trying to make them work perfectly in all browsers, but in the end I gave up and did what I always do: Reward those with new browsers and avoid killing yourself over people with old ones.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    CSS menus (I assume?) can work just fine in IE6. IE7 is not everyone’s cup of tea and doesn’t work on older OSes, so it’s not a good a common denominator. You’re just giving the majority of users a degraded site (or actually, perhaps RareWares visitors are ardent FF users? :)Not solving the problem to “encourage everyone to change to better software” is ineffectual (and nagging if made known, like those sites that detect IE then show their “You are using IE. Why don’t you use the faster-safer cheaper-featureful-groundbreaking-I’m-so-in-love-with-Firefox” banner.)

  2. David Naylor says:

    We’re not “not solving the problem” to encourage users to use 21st century browser.We’re not solving the menus because it’s a frikkin pain in the ass. Feel free to try if you like. You can send the soloution to me. My email is right here on the right.

  3. David Naylor says:

    Oh, and obviously, you would be mentioned in the details of the site if you succeed.BTW, we want it to keep behaving and looking exactly as it is currently doing in Firefox and Opera.