Saturday, March 10th 2007

Redesigning Rarewares

I’m working with Roberto de Amorim on a redesign of Rarewares is a great website with all thinkable music encoders and decoders.

For instance, if you want the latest and greatest versions of Oggenc or Lame, rarewares is the place to go. If you don’t know what Oggenc or Lame are, I’d consider that a sign of sanity. Anyway, they are what you use to compress music to Oggs or MP3s.

Cropped screenshot of the preliminary redesign or

The main reason for the redesign is that the rare wares aren’t quite so rare any more. The download pages are getting very long and crowded, so Roberto wants to divide them into different sub categories.

I’ve put a preliminary version of the new front page on my server. We’re thinking of trying a different colour scheme, and possibly a few other changes, before we make all the content pages.

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