Thursday, October 12th 2006

Volvo Cars is Leaking Badly: New XC70 Shots Out Too

In less than three days, photos have been published on the web of both the next Volvo V70 and the XC70 – both in what seems like production-ready state.

Spy photograph (picture) of mk II Volvo XC70

This time around the spy photos ended up at Auto Motor & Sport. The third generation of Volvo’s Cross Country will get basically the same rear as the V70, but I think it works better on this plastic-clad mud eater. That could be because of the red reflectors added below the lights, the added mouldings or the fact that I’ve had time to get used to the design.

Discussions of the leaked photos and designs can be found at Let’s just say I’m not the only one …um… sceptical … about the design of the rear.

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