Thursday, February 23rd 2006

Was It Just a Dream? The CCX Gets 806 BHP

(Overdue) Update: All those who have seen Top Gear season 8, episode 1, will know that the 900 BHP figure wasn’t entirely off after all. Jeremy Clarkson mentioned that “If you tune this engine to run on environmentally friendly bio fuel, you’ll be getting 900 BHP!” So I wonder what the top speed is using bio ethanol? Why doesn’t someone just drive this thing flat out over those salt flats in the US?

Edit: Wallpaper with the CCX, for many screen sizes, available here.

Sadly enough, it seems the Koenigsegg CCX specs published by were just dreamed up. Now it seems the Koenigsegg CCX is just a redesigned and rebadged CCR. Here are the pages of an official brochure:

The specs page lists exactly the same figures as those of the CCR. 806 BHP, 395+ km/h, 920 nm, 0-100 3.2 secs, etc. The drawings on the same page are of the CCX, so there is no doubt that these are the real figures.

I need therapy. All day I’ve been on a high, and now this… Well, so much for believing what you read in the papers.

Anyway, there is some interesting reading in that brochure. Among other things, the CCX has 50 mm more headroom, and is 88 mm longer to comply with US rear crash regulations. The engine has also had a serious makeover to work with 91 octane US fuel.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    CCX is the CCR but made for the american market.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Okej du var svensk (Wee). CCX är CCR men gjord för feta amerikaner

  3. David Naylor says:

    I’ll do this in English for anyone else who might be reading.Yep. But it’s been improved in quite a lot of ways, so I would take a CCX over a CCR any day.:-)If I had a spare heap of 500,000 €, that is.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It may not beat the Veyron in the top speed department, but it sure as heck beats it for looks. The Veyron is a dog. The CCX is one foxy cat!

  5. David Naylor says:

    Agreed 😉