Tuesday, February 21st 2006

Photos of Koenigsegg CCX Leaked

Photos of the to-be-revealed-at-the-Geneva-show Koenigsegg CCX have leaked out, over at Autoblog. The roumor that it will be faster than the current CCR has picked up some speed, but personally I think it is all based on wishful thinking. As I wrote a while back…

  1. It has been stated that this will be a US version of the CCR, with the same specs.
  2. How could they possibly get more than those 806 bhp out of a V8? Or have they stuck a V10 or V12 in the CCX? Highly unlikely.

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  1. smartguypress.com says:

    Engine configuration, v-8, v-12, etc, has little to do with final output of an internal combustion engine.Valve arrangement, intake config and total displacement play a much greater role in power output.Installing a v12 in place of a v8 with the same displacement would not result in greater horsepower, other variables being equal.V12s are generally used due to their “exotic-ness” and the fact that they produce a very smooth powerband as the result of cylinder banks being located 60 degrees from each other.I certainly agree that the “new” CCX is just a U.S. spec CCR and will not challenge the Veyron for top speed.I am not sure I am really on board with the Veyron being listed as the world’s fastest production car though. A car that requires the driver to come to a complete stop, change “driving modes” to “speed”, and will resort to standard mode (good for only 230 mph) at the touch of the brakes or turn of the wheel, seems a bit like cheating to me….Interesting blog!Cheers,Michael ShannonAuthor “Computer Secrets I Taught My Mom”http://www.smartguypress.com

  2. David Naylor says:

    True about the engines there. I should probably have written “or have they installed an even larger engine?”.Hmm. Didn’t know about the Veyrons driving modes – interesting.

  3. smartguypress.com says:

    You might enjoy this in-depth Car and Driver Article on the Veyron:”But 230 mph is about as fast as the Veyron will go until you put the car into top-speed mode. This involves coming to a stop and, while the car is idling, turning a key in a lock on the floor to the left of the driver’s seat. When you do that, the car sinks down even lower on its suspension, until ground clearance has been reduced to a mere 2.6 inches in front and 2.8 in the rear. This setup also causes the front underbody flaps to close and the rear spoiler and wing to retract, although the wing remains tilted out of the body at a slight two-degree angle. These changes reduce the car’s drag coefficient from 0.41 to 0.36, and they reduce the peak downforce from 770 to 120 pounds.”Michael

  4. David Naylor says:

    Cool. Thanks.