Thursday, February 23rd 2006

Exterior Comparison, Koenigsegg CCR & CCX

The Koenigsegg CCR and CCX differ in quite a lot of aspects. Here is a little analysis of what has changed, with illustrating photos.

Lets start with the back:

Rear shot of Koenigsegg CCR and CCX

The lights have become slightly remodeled, with slightly less in-your-face bezels on the indicators. The exhaust has also had a slight redesign. The number plate space has been reduced, and the whole big, grey air outlets have been made even phatter. The best improvement though, if you ask me, is that they have hidden all the stuff that was visible in the venturi tunnels on the CCR, including that little red light. (What was that, BTW?) The area over the engine with the Koenigsegg name badge looks completetly different. Not sure if the badge is still there, but there is a piece of glass there that wasn’t before.

Let’s take a look from slightly above:

Shot of Koenigsegg CCR and CCX from above

They have put position lights along the side of the car, presumably to please the US market. There are new air outlets at the back, which presumably help to increase downforce. The air intakes in front of the rear wheels are the same as on the CCR. Of course, the wheels are new – meaner than ever. It looks like they have recoloured the painted parts on top of the dashboard, this gives it a more solid look I think.

It looks like they have removed the windscreen wiper completely. I suppose, when you’re doing 240 mph (in rain) it gets blown off pretty quickly…

Basically the whole front has been redone, even if the shape of it is much the same. The bonnet on the CCX doesn’t come down as far as it does on the CCR. There is a new air intake on the bonnet, and they have added fog lights. Some of these differences are perhaps more clear in the next photo:

Front/side shot of Koenigsegg CCR and CCX

The bubble in the headlight glass/plastic have been made smaller – a good thing if you ask me. They have also removed the fourth little light in the headlight clusters, which makes it look cleaner. (Perhaps that was the side position light which has now been stuck on the side.) A new design feature has been added just behind the front wheels, with the Koenigsegg name on it. Also, I get the impression the windscreen is more rounded on the CCX, and perhaps the roofline too. You would need real side shots to be able to tell though.

All-in-all, it feels like the Koenigsegg has grown up. If the CC8S was the unruly 15-year-old with constant fits, and the CCR was the lightning fast 20-year old, the CCX is the solid, secure and even faster 24-year-old.

Can’t wait till Top Gear drive this thing. They never drove the CCR, so the last Koenigsegg they drove was the CC8S, which beat their in-a-straight-line speed record. I bet the CCR and now, the CCX, are much better at going round tracks than the CC8S was back then. Would be interesting to see how it fares in the hands of the Stig on the Top Gear test track. Would it beat the Pagani Zonda F?

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  1. says:

    The “little red light” on the rear of the CCR is a European fog light. ;-)Michael

  2. Anonymous says:

    They have tested the ccx on the test gear track and at first it did not beat the zonda, but the stig then tried again and spun out for the first time on that track. Koenigsegg then took the car back to sweden and stuck a rear wing on it, back at the test track of Top Gear it has beatin the zonda by more than a second with a blistering time of 1.17

  3. David Naylor says:

    That’s true. But here’s what really made it go faster: