Monday, February 6th 2006

Blake Ross’s Web 1.0 Website

I just found a real gem. It’s the personal website of Blake Ross, aged… hmm – 18. (The website states that Netscape 7.1 has been released, which means that it must at least have been updated sometime since June 2003. Blake was born in June 1985.) That basically means that it has to be a joke. I hope it is. It must be. And a pretty sick one at that. If you read this, Blake, could you give some clarity on this insanity? 🙂

I must be the first person to have listened through the whole embedded midi track…

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  1. Blake Ross says:

    It was a joke. Jason Kersey created it 🙂

  2. David Naylor says:

    Ok. Heh. I like it 😉