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Tuesday, November 1st 2005

Firefox Fixes

The last few days have seen two small but visible and important improvements to Firefox 1.5:

  • Bug 313300 has been fixed, which means that Firefox 1.5 will not open windows with a specified size as tabs – unlike Firefox 1.5 beta 2 which opened everything in new tabs.
  • Bug 245392 has also been fixed, so Firefox will no more create an empty folder on the Windows programs menu if the user has unchecked the shortcut on startmenu option during installing.

I also noticed that Firefox now asks if I want to save my gmail password. At first I thought this was a Firefox fix (or workaround, because Gmail had set it up not to save on purpose) but after hunting around a bit it seems like Gmail have simply removed the autocomplete=”off” attribute that they have used until now.

While searching I learnt of a simple way to bypass that attribute, should you come across it at some other site: in about:config, set the wallet.crypto.autocompleteoverride pref to true, and Firefox should simply ignore it. However, I would still advise you to never save passwords for online banks and suchlike if you do turn this pref on.

Update 2005-11-04: Having tried the pref I mentioned above, it doesn’t actually seem to do anything. I presume it is no longer used, so as to ensure that people don’t go saving bank passwords, etc.