Tuesday, November 29th 2005

Firefox 1.5 goes live, website changes

Firefox 1.5 has just gone live over at mozilla.com. Go and get it while it’s hot – take those servers done once and for all. 😉

Yes, that’s mozilla dot com – not org. The new website has been set up to better display/promote the mozilla products, without having all the projects and foundation stuff getting in the way. It’s looking pretty sleek if you ask me:

Screen shot of mozilla.com, 2005-11-30

The mozilla addons website has also had a nice refresh:

Screen shot of addons.mozilla.org, 2005-11-30

A search engine plugins section has been added too, even if the selection available still isn’t very large. (Maybe 30 odd search engines are listed, with a pointer to mycroft for a larger selection.)

Now I’m just waiting to see what they are conjuring up at spreadfirefox.com:

Screen shot of spreadfirefox.com, 2005-11-30

Edit: Added a Firefox 1.5 graphic to the left column.

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  1. xeen says:

    hey, I didn’t notice the umo update. Looks nice, hopefully it isn’t just a costumal change.greetings

  2. David Naylor says:

    Agreed. And I don’t think it is purely cosmetic either.

  3. koenski says:

    Hey David, I wanted to upgrade to FF 1.5 when I found out that I won’t have your Doodle Plastik theme anymore… Such a pitty that you stopped developing it…! Is there nobody who picks it up? (I cannot). I decided not to upgrade to 1.5, really, keeping the theme is more important for me, it’s just an inseparable part of Firefox for me, no joking. Ooooh, please tell me the theme gets a second life!Bests from Sofia.koen [d.o.tt] derijck !at! Gmail

  4. David Naylor says:

    Well, I’m both sorry and glad to hear that ;o)I’ve had a lot of requests lately to update the Doodle themes. No promises yet though. Sorry :-|David