Saturday, June 4th 2005

First Good Photos of New Volvo C70

Update: Volvo have now released the official C70 photos. I blogged about that here.

There have been a few spy-photos of the upcoming C70, but none have been particularly good. They haven’t really shown what the car looks like. Until now – the Dutch newspaper AutoTelegraaf has published several photos of a completely unmasked car in Miami.

Here is one of them, slightly reduced:

New Volvo C70 in Silver metallic, seen from behind with top down.

I really like the new, lower, rear lights – I’m just wondering where they’ll stick the C70 badge – there isn’t very much room around that number plate. I think they should have made the front a little more agressive though, but it’s hard to tell from these pictures what the head lights really look like in detail.

The car will have curtain airbags that pop out from the top of the door, instead of down from above the side windows. These airbags were shown in a press release by Volvo a while back, but Volvo didn’t specifically say they would be in the new C70. (Although that was pretty obvious…)

There are lively discussions going on at VVSpy and Swedespeed, if you want to discuss the upcoming car with other Volvonatics.

Update: Just saw that someone has posted a picture from AutoBild too. It’s so sharp and real-looking I wonder if it isn’t a leaked press photo… Time will tell.

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