Tuesday, April 5th 2005

Firefox popular in Sweden

XiTi has updated their European Firefox usage report [fr]. This time we can read, among other things, that the (week-end) usage of Firefox is really quite high in Sweden (14.4%). In fact, I had no idea we had that kind of numbers – I thought Sweden was below the world average rather than above it. (Presuming that the world average is somewhere around the numbers presented by OneStat and WebSideStory, something like 6-8%.)

Finland turns out to have an even higher percentage of Firefox usage (22.6%) than Germany (21.6%), which was though to be the prime foothold for the Mozilla browser.

The most intriguing fact is that Denmark only has 6.2% Firefox usage, even though it is surrounded by several countries with very high numbers. (Mainly Germany, Sweden and Poland.)

No doubt, Stats Weenie will have an update on this report too in a little while.

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